Colectiv is backed by the power of a globally-renowned reinsurer.

Underwritten by Oakhurst Life, a company with a proudly South African heritage.



Our purpose is to help people use the power of social to get more.


Colectiv was founded in 2016 by Gidon Novick, Brad Hogan and Michal Nejthardt, as a product of Oakhurst Life Limited, which is a member of a group of companies celebrating over 20 years of excellence in the insurance industry.

Colectiv provides exceptional value in financial services by harnessing the power of social media.

In 2015 nearly R25bn was spent by insurance companies on advertising, education and selling activities. Colectiv is striving to pump this money back into our client’s pockets by using the power of social media.

Our first breakthrough innovation is a patented technique that acknowledges that your friends, family and colleagues know you better than a series of insurance application forms. We connect your Colectiv profile to your online network so that you can be endorsed by your friends and thereby boost your cover.

It is common knowledge that a person in good health will get good premiums but a large cost is incurred in verifying the person’s health and these costs contribute to the R25bn. The data about our client’s health already exists in the social networks and we let our clients tap into this vast FREE data source.