All our products offer a “ColectivBoost” which can be used at any stage. The goal of the ColectivBoost is to boost the benefits under the product you have purchased. Colectiv provides rock-solid, robust life cover that will pay out a lump sum to your nominated beneficiary or estate upon your death. You need this type of cover if you have dependants, debts, assets or looking to get credit.


You can get an invitation from a friend or a Colectiv consultant by email, SMS, WhatsApp or any other social media app. You can also get the invitation by completing the form on the join page.


You will then received access to your Colectiv profile and can start growing your ColectivBoost for FREE.


You can activate your cover at any stage by supplying your premium payment details. You will receive peace of mind from our insurance once you start paying your premiums.


Connect with friends via social media apps to get them to update your profile.


Your friends get a link from you via your chosen social media app and can update your Colectiv profile by a quick vote. This improves your risk profile.


Colectiv's patented algorithm combines all the endorsements into a ColectivBoost.


You can keep sending your Colectiv profile link to keep boosting your cover.

Comprehensive Life Cover

The Comprehensive Life Cover option is a good choice for you if you pass our four simple medical questions and you want certainty of a payout from all causes of death after a waiting period of six months. Accidental death is covered immediately after payment of the first premium.

Accidental Life Cover

The Accidental Life Cover option is a good choice for you if you believe you are young and healthy and want the cheapest rates possible or you cannot pass the four medical questions. This type of cover starts immediately after payment of the first premium and pays out on accidental death. If you believe that your main risk of death comes from a motor vehicle accident or crime then this is a good choice for you.

Final expense benefit

Final expense benefit is included automatically in each policy. An amount of R50,000 of your total cover is accelerated on death or accidental death depending on which product you have, and will be paid out within 48 hours of receiving your death certificate to cover funeral arrangements.

Terminal illness benefit

Terminal illness benefit is included in the event that you are diagnosed with a terminal illness and your life expectancy is less than 12 months, as confirmed by our designated medical expert, the benefit may be paid up to 12 months before death. This benefit does not apply to Accidental Life Cover.

This is a key features summary and is meant for general information purposes only. You can view the entire policy document which governs the policy at the following link: Colectiv Policy Document.